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A la carte menu.



Smoked beef tongue, with horse-radish cheese, garlic, cranberries and toasted bread

125 Kč

Gravlax – marinated salmon with parmesan cheese, capers, balsamico and olive oil

155 Kč

Mozzarella with tomato tartar and pesto

  85 Kč     

Beef tarta with garlic and fried bread 

meat comes raw

170 Kč
Variations of European cheeses with cranberry and orange sauce decorated with nuts and olives 195 Kč


Beef broth with liver dumplings and home-made noodles  40 Kč     
Garlic soup with ham and roasted bread  45 Kč
Cabbage soup with grilled sausage
 55 Kč


Main courses

Cream risotto with green
asparagus, parmesan cheese and grilled bacon chips
145 Kč             
Filet of trout with
butter and parsley sauce with mashed potatoes
195 Kč
Slowly cooked duck leg,
red cabbage, potato dumpligs, fried onion
265 Kč     
Grilled chicken steak, bulgur with grilled vegetables and plain yoghurt 195 Kč
Fried chicken breast stuffed with mozzarella and spinach, bacon and ham with boiled baby potatoes and butter 175 Kč

Pork tender with rosemary, mushrooms, shallots and cream, mashed potatoes

235 Kč

Spicy sliced pork tender with parmesan risotto

195 Kč
Beef and pork goulash with hot peppers, onion and hash browns 195 Kč
Flank steak with pepper sauce and farm frites 245 Kč
Grilled pork knee sous-vide, mustard, stuffed pickled cucumber, onion, bread 315 Kč

Foccacia stuffed with hot pastrami, with dijon mustard, rucolla and potatoes chips

195 Kč

Club sandwich – tasted bread, bacon, lettuce, egg, chicken breast mayonnaise and French fries

165 Kč

Pork slice in batter with fried egg, grilled sausage and grated cheese, boiled baby potatoes and butter

175 Kč
Veal wiener schnitzel, boiled baby potatoes and butter 255 Kč
Chicken schnitzel, boiled baby potatoes and butter 145 Kč
Fried cheese, boiled baby potatoes and butter 145 Kč


Pasta and salads

Grilled goat cheese and¨eggplant, with mixed salads, rucolla and herbs with honey-mustard dressing  155 Kč     

Caesar salad with chicken breast parmesan, bacon and croutons

 165 Kč
Fresh mixed vegetables with feta cheese    65 Kč

Grilled vegetables -

zucchini, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, red onion, mushrooms

   55 Kč
Tagliatelle with mushrooms, bacon cream, basil and parmesan cheese  145 Kč
Sliced roasted chicken breast on mount of spaghetti with dried tomatoes, capers, rucolla and parmesan 175 Kč



Grilled pineapple with orange sauce ice cream and pistachio

 95 Kč        

Pancake with sweet cottage cheese, raspberries and vanilla sauce

 90 Kč

Panna cotta with wild forest fruit

 80 Kč

Warm apple strudel with ice cream, chocolate and whipped cream

 80 Kč

Ice cream sundae with fruit, chocolate and whipped cream

 80 Kč