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A la carte menu.



  80 g            Beef  carpaccio with parmesan cheese, capers and olive oil 115 Kč             
100 g Mozzarella with tomato tartar and basil pesto   75 Kč
100 g Roasted duck liver on onions and with roasted apple   60 Kč     
  60 g Patter from duck liver  ”foie gras”, fig chutney 195 Kč
120 g Variations of European cheeses with cranberry and orange sauce decorated with nuts and olives 100 Kč

All appetizers come with toasted bred


0,22 l    Beef broth with liver dumplings and home-made noodles  31 Kč     
0,22 l Garlic soup with ham and roasted bread  28 Kč
0,22 l Celery soup with chicken and sour cream, croutons  32 Kč


Steak specials

150 g             Salmon filet, yoghurt-dill sauce, boiled baby potatoes 225 Kč             
200 g Chicken steak, bulgur with grilled vegetables and yoghurt        180 Kč
150 g Pork (tenderloin) steak with rosemary and mushrooms, shallots and cream, mashed potatoes 215 Kč     
200 g Beef rump steak, roasted baby potatoes with brussels sprouts and bacon, cheese sauce 330 Kč
200 g Beef sirloin steak, roasted cherry tomatoes and zucchini baked goat cheese, wine sauce with green pepper, baked herb baguette 410 Kč
400-500g Beef T-bone (steak with bone) 100 g-140,- Kč


Steak supply

100 g     Cheese sauce (warm)                                                                      20 Kč     
100 g Mushroom sauce (warm)  23 Kč
100 g Béchamel pepper sauce (warm)  20 Kč
100 g Spicy tomato sauce (warm)  20 Kč
200 g Fresh grilled vegetables  45 Kč
180 g Roasted green beans with bacon and dried tomatoes  37 Kč
  25 g Grated parmesan cheese  25 Kč



400 g           Slices of roasted chicken breast on a nest of spaghetti with dried tomatoes, capers and arugula and parmesan                                                                       155 Kč               
380 g             Tagliatelle with mushrooms, cream, bacon, parmesan and Basil                      130 Kč
380 g Creamy risotto with beetroot, zucchini, spinach and young onions, topped with parmesan cheese 120 Kč
150 g Filet of pikeperche on spinach with garlic and cheese sauce, mashed potatoes 230 Kč
150 g Grilled Butterfish with finely baked vegetables sweet-sour sauce and egg yolk, fried potatoes 220 Kč
150 g Snails from pork tenderloin stuffed with bacon, garlic and spicy mustard sauce, french fries 180 Kč
350 g Roasted pork belly with bones on  honey and herbs steamed carrots with butter, roll potato pancakes 155 Kč
150 g Pork fillet in spicy slices of the parmesan risotto 185 Kč
200 g Roast wild boar with cloves of garlic, cranberry braised cabbage, dumplings 195 Kč
150 g Goulash from pork and beef with peppers and onion, potato 190 Kč
100 g Steak tartare from beef tenderloin with garlic toast 165 Kč
150 g Fried chicken breast stuffed with curry cheese, bacon, ham and boiled baby potatoes with butter 160 Kč


Fried classic

150 g    Pork schnitzel in dough with fried egg, fried sausage and cheese 130 Kč     
150 g Fried pork schnitzel, lemon  99 Kč
150 g Fried chicken schnitzel, lemon  99 Kč
100 g Fried cheese  80 Kč
100 g Fried camembert  90 Kč


Vegetable salads

260 g          Mix of salad leafs with grilled shrimp and lemon sauce, toasted bread                                       120 Kč              
260 g Mix of salad leafs with pear, toasted goat cheese, quail eggs, basil  dip and spring onion 105 Kč
400 g Fresh vegetable salad with chicken, dressing and toasted bread 115 Kč
230 g Mix of fresh vegetables sprinkled with olive oil with slices of feta cheese  55 Kč
150 g Celery salad with apple and carrot  25 Kč

Side dishes

250 g       Paris butter potato  35 Kč            
250 g Creamy mashed potatoes (cream, garlic)  32 Kč
250 g Grilled potato cubes with onion, bacon and feta cheese (garlic, grounded pepper)  35 Kč
200 g French fries  30 Kč
200 g American potatoes  30 Kč
200 g Grilled fresh vegetables (zucchini, peppers, cherry tomato, red onion, mushrooms, garlic)  45 Kč
200 g Parmesan rice  50 Kč
200 g Steamed rice  20 Kč


  1 ks        Slice of bread                                                                                                                       5 Kč             
  1 ks Roll         5 Kč
 20 g Butter    7 Kč
  1 ks Toasted bread    5 Kč
 30 g Grated cheese                                    10 Kč
 50 g Mayonnaise  13 Kč
 50 g Dressing – by daily offer  13 Kč
 50 g Ketchup  10 Kč


200 g       Roasted pineapple with vanilla ice cream and orange sauce with pistachi  70 Kč        
250 g Omelets with cherries and sweet cottage cheese  65 Kč
200 g Warm mini cake with ice cream and chocolate sauce  60 Kč
165 g Warm apple cake with ice cream, chocolate and whipped cream  55 Kč
150 g Vanilla sauce with raspberries with sugar crust  65 Kč
180 g Ice cream cup with fresh fruit, chopped roasted almonds, opražené mandle, whipped cream, chocolate  55 Kč
 40 g Scoop of ice cream by daily offer  14 Kč


Half portions are 70% of the price